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Freezing Backflows North Charleston

In North Charleston we replaced a 2 inch brass ball valve on a backflow prevention device. It cracked recently from an overnight freeze. Backflow are made of brass which is a soft metal. It does not take much for it to freeze and crack.

Every spring when homeowners go back to using their irrigation systems again we get several calls for cracked and leaking backflow preventers.  Here at Rooter Man we have a certified backflow prevention technician. He is certified to test and replace backflows in South Carolina. Each municipality has different guidelines. Charleston is know for having the strictest guidelines in the state.

Here at Rooter Man we have your covered. We can help you with backflow testing, freeze protection, replacement, and even new installation. Our basic charge for an annual residential test is only $54. That covers the test and the filing of the necessary backflow paperwork with you local municipality.

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