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ROOTER-MAN PLUMBERS is your full-service Charleston plumbing repair company. Local owner Nelson Huggins and his team of Charleston plumbing repair experts are on-call 24/7 to handle any emergency situation or to schedule same-day service at a time convenient to you. Whenever you need a Charleston plumbing repair job or service, Nelson and his Rooter-Man team are there to help.

If you’ve got a clogged toilet, repeated plunging might actually damage the unit’s seals. Let a Rooter-Man Plumbers service technicians clear that clog professionally and check your discharge line in case repairs are necessary. If your toilet lid or bowl is cracked, we can help. And when it’s time to replace that old model, we have water-saving replacement toilets available for installation at an affordable flat-rate price.

DRAINS AND SEWER LINES. If any of your drain lines or sewer pipes are clogged or broken, Rooter-Man Plumbers can get you flowing again. We have mechanical snakes that can clear any debris, even tree roots that can invade the lines. Our Hydro-Jet units can open up any indoor lines or outdoor sewer pipes. We can also repair any cracked pipes and leaky connections or replace any lines in your plumbing system before they cause you any more problems.

WATER HEATER. A water heater that’s not working properly might just need the repair or replacement of a single part like a thermostat or element. Our Rooter-Man plumbers will diagnose the problem and fix it. Whether your power supply is natural gas or electricity, our service techs are qualified to repair either. And when you’re ready for a new and more energy efficient water heater, Rooter-Man Plumbers can remove and dispose of your old unit, then install and test your new name-brand heater, all for one low flat-rate price.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL. If your garbage disposal isn’t working, Rooter-Man Plumbers can clear the clog, repair the appliance or install a new unit that will give you years of worry-free service.

EVERY JOB IS IMPORTANT TO US. From the complete inspection of residential and commercial plumbing systems to backflow preventer repair to the replacement of a single leaking faucet, Rooter-Man Plumbers of Charleston can handle the job for you.

OUR TECHNICIANS. You can have a piece of mind knowing that all of our plumbing repair specialists are drug tested and back ground checked before they are hired.

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  1. South Carolina Mechanical Contractor; Classification: PB4
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  3. South Carolina Department Of Health and Environmental Control; Cross Connection Control; Licensed General Backflow Tester.
  4. Member of Charleston Business Leads Association
  5. Member of Charleston County Small Business Enterprise Program