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Water Leak Detection Procedures Charleston SC

Did you step inside of your Charleston SC house or basement and smell foul, moldy smell? Have you noticed some parts of the house showing signs of damages? These signs may not seem serious, but your house may have leaking pipes, which will require you to hire water leak detection expert such as Rooter-Man to find the problem and fix it immediately.

Pipes leaking continuously means impending damages inside your house. Although these pipes are hidden, an expert Rooter-Man plumber can detect the issue with the following procedures:

  • Initial Inspection- Initial inspection refers to the very first assessment conducted by our plumbers. We will look around your Charleston SC house and see any potential signs of leaking pipes. Examples of these are areas with a strong concentration of moldy odor and severely water-damaged walls or wood panels. Seeing these sites give our experts an idea where to start checking up for leakages. Chances are these sites have problematic pipes behind them that require immediate attention and repair.
  • Second Level Inspection- The second level of water leak detection refers to tearing down some parts to prove the presence of leakage or not. Of course, property owners would not want plumbers to tear down the house. Hence, these professionals will only concentrate on sites like wooden walls that can be removed easily to see these damages. They can bring them back again in case the area is not the leakage site.
  • Video Camera Inspection- This technology gives way to deeper inspections using cameras and sensors. Video cameras are equipped with several attachments that can detect various pipe damages that contribute to leaking like oxidation, obstructions, root invasions, and other damages. The system’s components can fit in small and hidden places and pinpoint the problem site accurately.

A non-invasive moldy smell may not a problem, but the problem brought by leaking pipes can be significant on your Charleston SC property. Consult a Rooter-Man water leak detection expert today and let these procedures save your home and your family from damaged and leaking pipes.

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