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Three Pro Home Owner Plumbing Tips – Charleston

Most of the plumbing work we do revolves around same day emergency service. There is not much that we have not seen over the years. We see plumbing emergencies every day. Many of these plumbing emergencies could be avoided or contained. Here are three plumbing tips that every homeowner can do that can save money and keep you out of an unwanted plumbing emergency.

3 Plumbing Tips:  


  1. Don’t use chemical drain openers. I know there is a huge selection of them in the store and the bottle says they are safe. However, most of these chemical drain openers are caustic. They produce heat that can damage the pipe. They contain acid. Over time this will damage your drain lines and lead to a costly repair. If your drain is slow or clogged it is best to have your drains professionally cleaned. This may be something an experienced home owner can do. If not, it is best to call a professional.
  2. Know how to turn off the water to your home. Water leak emergencies happen every day. Knowing where the main water shut off is located and how to turn off the water to your home can prevent flooding and minimize water damage. Being able to turn your own water off may also save your a few buck on a late night call to a plumber. Show everyone in your home where and how to turn off the water. Make sure that the valve is easily accessible. Test your main shut off annually so you know it is working.
  3. Don’t hang things on exposed plumbing pipes. We have seen several plumbing disasters caused by homeowners hanging things on exposed water and drain pipes. Placing items on top of water heaters and close to hot vent pipes is also a bad idea. Take the time to remove hanging items from your pipes and water heater.

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