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Guess What? It’s National Hug A Plumber Day!

Well it is here! Hug your Plumber.

I know you have been waiting all year for it to arrive. It is National Hug A Plumber Day and it is finally here. Yes you can safely hug your plumber today! Be sure to follow the directions in the video below.

Think about it for a minute. Everyday we get up, enjoy a hot shower,  flush the toilet, wash our hands, brush our teeth, wash clothes, wash dishes, water the garden and drink a glass of water. Hopefully you never have to think twice about your water and sewer because it was all thought out and installed by a plumber.

Since ancient times the plumber has been responsible for getting clean water in and getting waste water out. The health of civilization depends on it. Pretty awesome when you think about it.

Today is the day to pause and appreciate your plumbing and especially the plumber. Hopefully all your plumbing is working great. If not give your plumber a call.

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