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Fix Your Drains Before Thanksgiving!

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The holiday season is a wonderful time for everyone. You get to reconnect with loved ones that you may not see too much throughout the year and enjoy delicious food. The downside to bringing a number of people into your home is that they are sure to put a strain on your facilities that your plumbing isn’t used to.

So if you have been searching for a “clogged drain plumber near me”, this blog post is perfect for you as we will be discussing important things to be aware of when it comes to drains.

Let’s get started.

Your Drainage System May Be Old

If your house was built many years ago, there is probably a nice charm that comes from an older home, but there are some negatives. One of these is that your drainage system may not be up to date. Homeowners who purchase older homes are often quick to update the outside of the home, but the skeleton of the house is neglected.

Old plumbing is extremely problematic. To avoid high costs, staying on top of your drainage system is a must. How do you know if your drainage system is old? Hire a plumber to have a look and he will easily recognize outdated plumbing pipes made of lead, galvanized pipe, and polybutylene, among other signs of age.

Failing Sewer Lines

Since sewer lines are buried and out of sight, they are almost never thought about by homeowners until something goes wrong. Foul-smelling wastewater is often the first sign or the second being seeping sewage into the ground. These sewer lines are heavily used.

Older sewer lines were put into place before modern household things like garbage disposals and dishwashers. Therefore, they are dealing with more water than they were built to handle.

Sewer lines are more susceptible to failure when homeowners undergo extensive remodeling. Also, older homes are more at risk for sewer line damage from tree roots or the lines naturally shifting places.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

This is a big one.

As you are preparing wonderful food for your family, especially during the holidays, your drains often see an increase in food going through the pipes. This creates clogs. Even when using a garbage disposal, clogs are still going to happen where there is an excessive amount of blockage going through the pipes.

If there are signs of drain issues throughout the year, they usually only get worse during the holiday season.

Grease and oil can also cause drain blockages. Grease creates sticky sediment that traps food over a long period of time and is a particularly challenging one to remove. Garbage disposals have no impact on dissolving grease.

The best thing you can do with your grease is to pour it into a can or scrape it into the garbage. If you accidentally do put grease, fat, or oil into your drain, be sure to run lots of cold water over it, which helps to chop up everything, but isn’t a perfect method.

Some other things that can cause drain blockages are as follows:

  • Hair
  • Small objects
  • Coffee grinds
  • Cat litter
  • Paper towels
  • Eggshells

Water Heater Problems

While not directly a drainage problem, old water heaters can be frustrating when they aren’t able to maintain hot showers. This is especially problematic during the holiday season where you have friends and family staying at your home and lots of showers being taken. It’s important to have a plumber see if your older water heater can simply be enhanced or if a new one will be necessary.

When compared to gas water heaters, electric water heaters have lower upfront costs, offer a more efficient use of energy, and are safer to operate. This is something worth investing in.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is coming! Having your drains fixed and ready for use is a respectful and polite thing to do for your guests. It is a really awkward situation when sinks and especially toilets get clogged, or your shower water is too cold. So next time you search for “clogged drain service near me” or “local plumbers near me”, think of Rooter-Man plumbers.

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