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Water Heater Tips

Your water heater consumes energy! If your water heater is larger than you need, you may be spending more money to heat the water than necessary. But of course if your water heater is too small, you may run out of hot water during peak use periods.
The following chart will help you to determine the size of the water heater you need in your home. Simply estimate how many gallons of hot water you will need during the course of the hour when there is maximum demand for hot water in your home:

Shower 10 – 15 Gallons
Bath 15 – 25 Gallons
Shaving 2 Gallons
Washing Hair 4 Gallons
Washing Hands and Face 2 Gallons
Preparing a Meal 5 Gallons
Washing Dishes in Automatic Dishwasher 12 – 15 Gallons
Washing Dishes by Hand 4 Gallons
Washing Clothes (Warm Wash / Cold Rinse) 10 – 12 Gallons

• If your water heater displays a ASHRAE / EIS rating of 90, it is energy-efficient and you do not need additional insulation.
• To keep your water heater running efficiently, drain the sediment that accumulates in the bottom of the water heater at least twice each year.
• Open the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater and drain it into a bucket until the water runs clear (maybe four or five gallons). If it is electric, be sure to turn the power off before draining the heater or you will risk burning up the elements.

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