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Storm Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner storm drain cleaning is a very important task. In order to be able to drain properly, storm drains need to be free of debris. Your home and street could be flooded if your storm drain is not working properly.

Flooding can cause permanent water damage to your home if it is severe enough. It is not good to have water leak through to your foundation.  The water can affect your dry walls and cause mold and mildew to form in your home.

If you do not regularly clean your drain a flood might ruin the landscape of your home. This could cause more problems if you have a garden because it can erode the soil.

Storm drains in most neighborhoods channel water to a water source nearby. In most cases this body of water is a lake or a river. These water sources can be used to provide water to the surrounding neighborhood. You should know that some localities will issue you a fine if you do not keep the storm drains in front of your home clean to prevent them from causing flooding.

It is not good for debris to back up and potentially contaminate this water.  It is also important that you never allow toxic substances or chemicals into these storm drains. Help to prevent this by taking extra precautions when painting your house or washing your car with these chemicals.

The water in your storm drain may carry organic waste.  As the wastes break down over time, these wastes will produce unpleasant smells. No one wants to come home to that.

It is best for you to hire a professional from Rooter-Man for storm drain cleaning purposes.  We can use advanced equipment to make sure that your storm drain is clear. If your drain is clogged we can use the equipment to get rid of the problem quickly. This is not the type of job you want to perform on your own.

Now you know everything you need to know about storm drain cleaning.  Make sure you keep it free from debris so that it does not clog up and cause flooding.  If it does, the structure of your home may be damaged, and the landscaping will almost certainly be affected.  Make sure you never pour chemicals down these drains either since they typically lead to nearby bodies of water that are used as a water source.

To schedule a storm drain cleaning call Rooter-Man at (843) 766-3311. Our dispatchers will help set up an appointment with one of our reliable plumbing technicians to help protect your property from flooding. Remember that once your house is flooded it is too late to try and fix the problem and hurricane season is here!

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