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What’s New in the Company: Paperless

Charleston, South Carolina, August 12, 2015– Rooter-Man is going paperless! No not in the bathroom- but in the office! Recently the owner of Rooter-Man Charleston decided to move away from print. Allowing the Rooter-Man team to pull up job history at any time from anywhere there is internet access. Now the dispatchers will not be required to dig through nine years of information in file cabinets resulting in saved time for on site technicians and customers. The process will help the company become more efficient because the team will now have access to job history at the push of a button.

Owner, Nelson Huggins said, “We hope to accomplish several things: become a greener plumbing company, create more space in the office, and streamline the ability to access important job information. There are many times we get a call late at night or on a holiday when the office is closed. Access to previous job information in a cloud allows the plumber on site access to important information that may help him provide a faster service for our customer.”

The company has purchased a scanner to help to speed up the transition to a paperless office. The scanner can scan up to 50 pages at a time. The company will scan the old hand written invoices.  Once complete, Rooter- Man’s next move will be to create paperless invoices on site.  This will help the company to eliminate spelling errors (who said plumbers can’t spell?),  bad handwriting and instantly email invoices to off-site customers with pictures attached.

About Rooter-Man: Rooter-Man has been in business for over 40 years and has over 480 locations throughout the United States as well as Canada. Nelson Huggins opened Rooter-Man in Charleston, South Carolina in 2006 and has been providing reliable drain cleaning and plumbing service to the greater Charleston area since then. Current employees include two dispatchers, five plumbing technicians, and parts manager.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Nelson Huggins at 843-766-3311 or email at [email protected].

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