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Plumbing isn’t just about fixing toilets and sinks! There is much more to the trade. Plumbing has always been a part of our modern lives and continues to find ways to improve. In this blog post, we will discuss our featured and highly requested plumbing services. Some of these things you may not be aware even exist. A plumber in Charleston, SC is near you and ready to help!

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This is a big one! Unfortunately, this doesn’t have to do with hot tubs. It has to do with cleaning the interiors of plumbing pipes. Over time, these pipes fill up with gunk. The gunk includes grease, debris, tree roots, mineral scale, and more. The way this works is that high-pressure water is rushed into the plumbing system to remove the build-up. Hydro-jetting is a thorough process and is actually kind of fun! It has the power to work through really tough clogs in addition to getting rid of annoying materials from the inside of pipe walls. What was previously used in the past is plumbing snakes. Plumbing snakes have a lot of downsides, with the biggest one being that it is simply breaking the clog apart and not removing it entirely. It’s very important to not simply break the clog apart but to get rid of it at the source. That way, future clogs can be prevented which helps prevent the cost of expensive sewer repairs. Sewer repairs is not a path that you want to find yourself going down as a homeowner.

The way the process works is very involved. First, the plumber will find the plumbing system cleanout so that there is an easy access point. A camera is then used for inspection, looking for existing damage, because hydro-jetting can worsen cracks and crumbling pipes. Then the hose is inserted after being attached to a high-pressure water tank. The pressure is then set to a specific and safe setting. The water is then shot into the source and begins cleaning all the plumbing lines. Gravity will then take care of the rest when it comes to pulling the remaining debris out.

Sewer Camera Service

To have the ability to properly inspect sewer problems, Rooter-Man Plumbing does a sewer camera inspection by using sewer cameras. This way, your yard doesn’t need to be destroyed just to get to the problem. The camera is small and attached to a long cable that is then inserted on the pipe until it reaches the clog. Time and money are saved by paying for sewer camera service due to the ability to discover problems without damage to your yard. After the problem is found, a long-term solution is offered for your unique needs.

It’s really important to realize just how important the sewer system in our homes is. Have you considered what it would be like if you could no longer flush your toilets? Make sure you call for help right away when small issues arise in advance of the system totally shutting down. Catching it early will save you money and headache.

Finding Sewer Odors

Gases emitting from backup in your sewer system can be a dangerous problem. Sewer gas is full of noxious chemicals coming from decaying waste. This can include methane, ammonia, and even hydrogen sulfide. There are actually health problems that can come from exposure, including poisoning, headaches, memory loss, dizziness, and asphyxiation. With a large volume, an even scarier hazard arises — flammability and explosion. Thankfully, most gas backups aren’t too serious and can be addressed relatively easily by our professionals. One takeaway is that as a homeowner you should know where your emergency shut-off valve is located.

Plumbing Cleanout

Plumbing cleanouts offer a way to clear clogs and debris. The areas are typically covered by caps that can be removed. Building codes in most places ensure that cleanout locations are installed during construction. It may be outdoors or inside of a building. Some buildings that have crawlspaces offer easy access to cleanouts. They are typically inside of drains. The blockage is cleaned through a plumbing auger that reaches the clog and takes care of it.

Final Thoughts

As said above, there is much more to plumbing than fixing kitchens toilets. Your home’s sewer system is your home’s lifeblood and there are many services that you should take advantage of in order to retain the vitality and longevity of your home. A bonus to keeping up to date with your sewer system is that it will actually increase the value of your home.

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