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Aging Plumbing Pipes – Charleston

Old Pipes – Charleston

Charleston is an old city. Most historic homes have updated plumbing but consider this. Most plumbing pipes is the United States are well over 40 years old.

We visit customers daily that want to know why all of a sudden are they having drain problems. Sometimes the answer is simple. The plumbing is old and reaching the end of its life time.

For years we saw the need to replace terracotta pipe and then orangeburg pipe. Now we are seeing other materials like cast iron pipe reach the end of its life span as it deteriorates.

Old pipes can lead to clogged drain and sewer lines, leaking pipes and possibly property damage due to the leak.

It is smart to do a simple visual inspection of your plumbing system annually. Check the crawl space, under the sink, behind the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and any other fixture pipe that is visible. Look for leaks, corroding pipes, or water damage. Finding a leak or problem early is important and can save you money.

Old cast iron pipe

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