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World Plumbing Day Raises Awareness For Homeowners


While it is not widely recognized outside the plumbing industry, World Plumbing Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many benefits of modern plumbing systems for infrastructure, energy, clean water, health, and many other critical factors in human society. The abilities to convey clean water to homes in a practically unlimited capacity and to move waste water safely and quickly away from those same homes are essential to preventing the spread of disease and promoting good public health. Rooter-Man of South Carolina is proud to be a part of the plumbing industry and takes its responsibilities seriously as it helps homeowners and business owners keep their systems running properly.


Rooter-Man of SC is observing World Plumbing Day on March 11. For over a decade, businesses and associations connected with the plumbing industry have recognized this date as a time to celebrate the achievements that make our communities safer, healthier, and more efficient places on an everyday basis. It is a great opportunity to consider the ways that well-maintained plumbing infrastructure provides us with clean water, allows us to quickly dispose of waste, and makes washing tasks incredibly convenient and affordable. From pouring a glass of clean tap water to draining storm floodwaters from our streets and parking lots, plumbing is often an invisible yet critical support to “life as usual.”

The crews of Rooter-Man of SC work with plumbing systems all over the greater Charleston, SC region every day, inspecting pipes that are working correctly and repairing issues that arise due to clogs, pipe breaks, severe weather, and other factors. They are well acquainted with the urgency that arises when plumbing does not work as designed, giving all the more reason to devote a day to recognizing the value of these systems as well as the hard work that professional tradesmen and women do to keep them functional.

Following World Plumbing Day is National Fix a Leak Week, a very practical observance that encourages property owners to stop overlooking dripping or leaking faucets and have them repaired by plumbing professionals. The amount of water wasted on an annual basis due to leaky plumbing systems is staggering, and even the individual homeowner feels the effect of a constantly dripping spigot in their monthly water bills. Having plumbing tuned up by Rooter-Man of SC is an easy fix for this unnecessary expense, and inspection may uncover additional ways in which a home’s plumbing is wasting money or threatens a larger failure that could lead to catastrophic damage to the home.

Rooter-Man of SC is available for emergency plumbing repair, routine maintenance, and installation of new equipment, as well as leak detection and pipe inspection. The company’s website can be found at www.rootermansc.com. Homeowners are encouraged to take advantage of the reminders provided by these observances and be sure their plumbing is in good condition heading into the spring and summer seasons. Increased rainfall, vacation absences, and other seasonal changes can put additional strain on plumbing systems, and an inspection can help ensure that they are ready to handle that strain.