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Summer Brings New Problems For Plumbing


Plumbing systems of homes and businesses face different kinds of pressure during different seasons. With the coming of warmer weather, increased plant growth, and irregular activity schedules on the part of families going on vacation, summer brings its own set of potential problems to a building’s pipes, drains, and fixtures. Property owners in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas can combat these problems in a number of different ways, and most importantly by having their plumbing systems inspected by a professional, trusted local plumbing company at the beginning of the season.



Rooter-Man of South Carolina, servicing clients in both residential and commercial contexts throughout the greater Charleston, SC area, understands the importance of anticipating potential plumbing issues and minimizing the risks with preventive action. A quick inspection or minor repair is often the key to avoiding a major plumbing catastrophe that damages not only plumbing infrastructure but also furniture, flooring, landscaping, and other elements of the building.

With the warm weather and altered schedules of the late spring and summer in the Lowcountry, Rooter-Man of SC reminds property owners that it is an ideal time to have a professional plumber conduct an inspection to assess the condition of their pipes. The increased tree root growth, rainfall, and associated soil erosion that take place during this time of year are major strains on plumbing systems, and a plumber can identify and mitigate those risks in a variety of ways.

Whenever a family leaves home for an extended period of time, it is important to ensure that the building is ready to sit empty and unused for days or weeks. Any small leak, appliance deficiency, or damaged infrastructure can lead to a disaster that may not be discovered until the family returns home. As one great example, washing machine hoses are recommended for replacement every five years. Old and damaged hoses are the biggest cause of house floods according to Rooter-Man of SC, and replacing a hose before leaving the house unoccupied mitigates this significant risk.

Many modern water heaters also offer a “vacation mode” setting, which allows the user to avoid using energy to keep water hot when no one will be bathing, washing dishes, or doing laundry in the house for a long time. It’s also highly recommended to check every sink, tub, and water spigot inside and outside the house to make sure there are no leaks, dripping faucets, or other seemingly minor problems that could become major problems during the course of the vacation.

Families living in the Lowcountry can schedule their spring plumbing inspection by contacting Rooter-Man of SC at 843-402-7799. A professional will assess the condition of the building’s pipes, notify the owner of any risks, and provide additional advice on how to best prepare the house for an extended absence. The organization also provides emergency plumbing service, responding as quickly as possible when a sewer pipe leak, clogged drain, or failing fixture threatens to cause major water damage.