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Storm Debris Negatively Impacts Drain Systems


With the first major tropical storm of the 2023 hurricane season passing over Charleston, SC recently, it is an important time for local property owners to assess the condition of their drain systems. Storms not only bring additional rainwater, but also deposit sticks, soil, and other debris that can accumulate in drain systems of all types and block the proper flow of water. Rooter-Man of South Carolina is available to inspect and clear storm drains for businesses and residences throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina.


The end of summer brings the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms to the greater Charleston, South Carolina area. While the powerful winds and rapid flooding are the most obvious and immediately destructive effects of these storms, there are other negative impacts that can be less visible but just as harmful to buildings. In fact, a structure that appears to have weathered a storm without damage could be weakened in its defense against future rainfall due to its drain systems being blocked by debris.

Whether the focus is on gutters and drainpipes attached to a building’s roof system or a storm drain that captures water from a parking lot, these water draining elements are critical for keeping the building protected from long-term water damage. Gutters that are filled with leaves and sticks, for instance, allow water to flow down the side of the house and collect at the base of the foundation, rather than flowing to the drainpipe and being carried a safe distance away. Clogged storm drains allow floodwaters to remain on pavement adjacent to a commercial building, accelerating erosion and creating an environment for the growth of mold and mildew.

The best course of action for a property owner is to have their entire building’s drain system inspected by the technicians of Rooter-Man of South Carolina well before the annual storm season begins, ensuring that heavy rains will be quickly diverted away from the structure during storms. However, following an event such as the recent tropical storm, any indication that drain systems are not functioning properly should also prompt a property owner to have a professional plumber check out their systems for any necessary service.

Rooter-Man of SC uses jetting equipment to quickly and thoroughly clear clogs of all types from storm drains, from leaves and tree branches to trash to dirt and rocks that are carried by strong floodwaters and deposited on grates and inside drain pipes. Rooter-Man’s teams also quickly service clogged gutters and drainpipes on residential properties, helping owners to protect their most important investment from moisture and mold damage.

Throughout each season of the year with its unique weather threats, Rooter-Man SC is available for routine maintenance and emergency plumbing alike. Whether a property is experiencing a devastating pipe leak or simply a slow draining kitchen sink, Charleston residents and business owners can get in touch with Rooter-Man at 843-402-7799. They are also available by email and online at www.rootermansc.com.