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Sewer Camera Inspection Yields High Value


Primarily because it is located underground, out of sight, and away from view of the property owners, a sewer system is not often top of mind. Unless there is a pressing issue causing problems for the property, it is easy for people to forget about their plumbing, which unfortunately often leaves it vulnerable to developing those problems. A sewer camera service is one of the best tools available to professional plumbers in Charleston, SC to determine the state of a sewer system and mitigate any potential problems before they lead to destructive and very expensive consequences.


Rooter-Man of South Carolina is headquartered in the greater Charleston, SC area and serves both residential and commercial customers. One of the most common issues that the professional plumbing company addresses is sewer pipe damage. In many cases, this damage is the result of plumbing being neglected for years, allowing tree roots, heavy clogs, and erosion to impact pipes undetected.

The professional plumbers at Rooter-Man of SC highly recommend having a sewer inspection conducted on a regular basis in order to identify any threats to the plumbing system. All of the Rooter-Man trucks are equipped with an advanced sewer camera system, which allows technicians to get visibility into the pipe interiors and see what threats may be developing over time. If technicians are able to spot small cracks, intruding tree roots, or debris inside the pipes that could create clogs in the future, it is much easier for them to mitigate those threats and avoid much more destructive problems later on.

A particularly important time for a sewer camera inspection is when considering the purchase of a new property. While sinks, toilets, and tubs may look great, the plumbing system hidden from view may not be in the same good condition. It’s important to know about any plumbing issues before buying a home or commercial property, and an expert inspection is a quick and convenient way to gain assurance that there are no unpleasant surprises after the sale. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection in Summerville, Mount Pleasant, or Charleston is easy with the help of Rooter-Man of SC.

When a plumbing emergency such as a clogged sewer line has occurred, camera inspection can often help the homeowner avoid landscaping damage and diagnose the exact problem with minimal disruption to the property. This service has helped many clients pinpoint the source of a clog or leak and allow for quick repairs without the need to dig up landscaping and uncover the entire length of a sewer pipe.

Whether the situation is a plumbing emergency or an inspection prior to purchasing a home, Rooter-Man is the ideal sewer camera inspection partner in the greater Charleston area. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced, and they are ready to help identify any potential threats before they cause expensive damage and threaten the safety of the home. Local business and home owners can contact Rooter-Man SC for all their plumbing needs at 843-402-7799 or online at www.rootermansc.com.