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Seasonal Plumbing Threats Demand Proactive Attention


While the Lowcountry region of South Carolina is known for its relatively warm temperatures year round, it does typically experience several days of hard freezing every few years. These occasions pose a serious threat to plumbing systems of homes and businesses in the area, particularly because pipes are often not buried deeply enough or insulated well enough to maintain temperatures within a safe range. Rooter-Man of South Carolina, serving the greater Charleston area, highly recommends a proactive check of plumbing systems to identify and mitigate freezing risks and other potential issues caused by seasonal changes, such as faster tree root growth.


As a long-established leader in commercial and residential plumbing services in and around Charleston, South Carolina, Rooter-Man of SC prioritizes preventive maintenance as a way to help its customers avoid the high costs, property damage, and other negative effects of broken pipes. Each season of the year brings its own set of natural threats to plumbing systems, and having pipes and their surrounding environment inspected for these threats once or twice a year helps customers avoid plumbing disasters.

Winter brings with it the risk of freezing temperatures, which can crack pipes as water freezes and expands inside them. While the Lowcountry region does not experience temperatures low enough to freeze pipes every year, it does happen occasionally, and customers can be prepared by having an expert plumbing service such as Rooter-Man inspect their systems for proper insulation and other protective features.

Another less obvious threat that faces plumbing systems over the coming fall and winter months is an increase in family gatherings. A rise in cooking, restroom use, and other activities in a home places additional strain on its plumbing system, and if that system is already compromised by aging infrastructure, intruding tree roots, and other factors, the added strain can be enough to trigger a break, clog, or other disaster.

Although invisible from above ground, tree roots in the vicinity of plumbing systems are a constant threat. Not only are roots always growing, but they actively seek out moisture and thus gravitate towards water pipes, employing their slow-moving strength to eventually break through seams or through a pipe itself, causing leaks and clogs.

Rather than waiting for a tree root to cause a plumbing emergency, Rooter-Man of SC advises customers to have an inspection of their exterior plumbing once or twice a year to monitor for potential tree root problems. Your plumbing provider can use specialized products to discourage root growth, and a thorough cleaning of the pipes will remove any buildup that could cause a clog in the future. This periodic maintenance is usually enough to prevent a catastrophic plumbing issue that could damage your property and your home’s interior.

Whether they are noticing plumbing issues or not, local residents and business owners can get in touch with Rooter-Man of South Carolina to have their systems inspected for vulnerability to seasonal threats by calling them at 843-402-7799 or by visiting them online at www.rootermansc.com.