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Rooter-Man SC Provides Water Heater Services


Replacing a water heater that is malfunctioning, no longer reliable, or is simply not capable of keeping up with the needs of a home is an important step for a residence’s plumbing system. With the help of a professional plumbing service like Rooter-Man of South Carolina, it provides an opportunity to improve the home’s water efficiency, as well as reducing the amount of natural gas or electricity needed to provide hot water for the home’s appliances and fixtures. It is also an ideal time to inspect and/or replace certain valves, seals, vents, and other infrastructure connected with the water heater.



Replacing a water heater is a major event for a homeowner. This unit runs nearly constantly, providing hot water on a daily basis for tasks from bathing to cleaning clothes to washing dishes. As such, the water heater is one of the biggest factors in the water and energy efficiency of the home. Rather than hastily choosing a model at the local “big box store” and getting it installed as quickly as possible, Rooter-Man SC advises working with a trusted local plumbing company to choose, install, and maintain a new water heater.

Consulting your plumber and having them provide and install a new water heater grants more than simplicity and ease at time of installation. It also ensures that when maintenance or repairs are needed in years to come, your plumber will be very familiar with your model and will have replacement parts readily available. Choosing a water heater from a little-known brand, while initially less expensive, often backfires later in the form of unpredictable performance and difficulty in finding replacement parts.

Installation of a new water heater is also an ideal time to make major improvements to that portion of your plumbing system. Your plumber may advise installing your new unit on a lower floor if your old one is in the attic. The gas or electric connections to your water heater should be carefully inspected, connected, and replaced if necessary to ensure safe functionality. You may also need to install an expansion tank, a safety measure that helps prevent damage to your plumbing fixtures due to thermal expansion.

Finally, during installation your plumber will also check the drain, shutoff valve, and ventilation system (for gas units) attached to your water heater. These features should be regularly inspected in any case, and installation of a new unit is the perfect time to have them thoroughly cleaned and replaced if necessary. Unnoticed items such as birds’ nests built in the vent can hamper the functioning of a water heater and eventually create a safety hazard.

Rooter-Man SC provides plumbing in Charleston, SC for residential and commercial clients, including installation of new water heaters. Homeowners who want to guarantee simplicity throughout the lifetime of their water heater, streamlining the maintenance and repair processes, can get in touch with Rooter-Man SC through their website, www.rootermansc.com. The company also provides quick response to plumbing emergencies throughout the greater Charleston area.