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Rooter-Man of South Carolina Invests in Future


With an established reputation for excellent service throughout the greater Charleston, SC area, Rooter-Man of South Carolina is the preferred source for many local homeowners and business owners. The plumbing services provider, however, is not content to rest on that reputation; company president Nelson Huggins is committed to continuing to invest in new equipment and systems that improve services for customers. In the first quarter of 2022, Rooter-Man has added a new vehicle to its fleet, expanding availability and flexibility for responding to customer service calls. In addition, the company has upgraded to a more powerful and user-friendly phone system in order to communicate more effectively with customers.


Rooter-Man of South Carolina, led by Nelson Huggins, embraces the idea that in order to maintain a great reputation with customers, the company must always be working to increase the value it provides to those customers. In the first half of 2022, that philosophy has played out in part through significant investment in equipment and customer communication systems. These investments will make it easier for Rooter-Man to interact with customers, book new service calls, and respond to those calls quickly to resolve plumbing issues.

As Rooter-Man of South Carolina has added personnel to its team in recent months, it became necessary to increase its transportation potential as well. By fielding more experienced technicians at once, the company is able to address customer requests, particularly those that are urgently time sensitive, more quickly. Rooter-Man recently purchased an additional van and is in the process of branding it, resulting in faster service for plumbing customers in and around Charleston.

Communication with customers is critical in the plumbing industry, and Rooter-Man of South Carolina is dedicated to ensuring that its phone system is as effective as possible in connecting potential customers in need with dispatch personnel. Rooter-Man recently completed an upgrade to a new phone system that is easier for the customer to use and gets them talking to the right person as quickly as possible. The phone system also lends itself to remote work on the part of dispatch personnel, which gives more flexibility and increases the amount of time that representatives are available to talk with customers.

Both of these investments reflect significant growth for Rooter-Man of South Carolina, which has seen increased demand in recent years. As more local residents and property owners experience the trustworthy, honest, and experienced service that Rooter-Man technicians provide, the company’s reputation builds and the customer base expands. Becoming more flexible and agile through the addition of fleet vehicles and improvement of phone communication, Rooter-Man looks forward to giving its customers even higher levels of service in the coming years.

Those in the greater Charleston, SC region who are in need of plumbing service can reach Rooter-Man of South Carolina at 843-402-7799 or through their website at www.rootermansc.com. Rooter-Man provides service in the areas of drain clogs, pipe leak detection, clogged sewer lines, and emergency plumbing needs.