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Rooter-Man Of SC Utilizes Propress Connection System


Over more than 15 years, Rooter-Man of South Carolina has become a highly trusted plumbing services partner for businesses and private homeowners alike in and around Charleston, South Carolina. One of the characteristics of Rooter-Man that keeps customers coming back is their exploration of new technologies that save money and time during service calls. One of those new technologies is the ProPress fitting system, a new approach to repairing copper and steel piping. Rooter-Man has recently invested in the ProPress system and looks forward to introducing commercial and residential customers in the Lowcountry to the advantages that it brings to the industry.


Nelson Huggins, the president of Rooter-Man of South Carolina, prioritizes the idea of innovation to serve the company’s customers with more value every year. While the plumbing industry may not seem like an innovative field to the general public, there are always new tools, approaches, materials, and ideas coming onto the market to help plumbing technicians install, repair, and maintain pipes and associated infrastructure more effectively for customers. By being among the first in the region to adopt the best of these new technologies, Rooter-Man constantly aims to be the top choice for home and business owners within their service area.

A recent addition to the arsenal of tools that Rooter-Man’s plumbing technicians use is the ProPress system. This new set of tools from Viega is brilliantly designed to make the process of fitting pipe connections together quicker, easier, safer, and better overall. There are a number of benefits for customers of Rooter-Man when their technician uses ProPress on their copper or stainless steel pipes.

Possibly the most significant feature that customers value in a plumbing service call is speed. The longer a plumbing issue takes to repair, the more inconvenience there is to the business or home. More importantly, the longer a portion of the plumbing system is malfunctioning, the more damage is possible, as the other parts of the system experience more pressure, leaks begin to appear, and other problems crop up. The ProPress system, when used by an expert technician, accelerates the repair process and minimizes any damage caused by the original problem.

Safety during the service call is another major advantage of the ProPress system from Viega. Because the approach does not require soldering or the use of a torch, it can replace those traditional repair methods in an environment where their extreme heat is too risky. This is particularly useful in industrial settings with strict heat/flame restrictions and in commercial settings where repairs must take place during business hours.

Incorporating the ProPress fitting system into its day to day operations is just one example of Rooter-Man of South Carolina giving its customers access to the best plumbing services in the greater Charleston, SC region. With a recently expanded technician base, investments in new plumbing tools, and a 15-year reputation for excellence in the area, Rooter-Man is proud to continue its work supporting its residential and commercial clients in the Lowcountry.