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Post-Storm Activities Can Jeopardize Plumbing Systems


Rooter-Man of South Carolina, a plumbing services provider based in the Lowcountry region, has seen many hurricanes pass through the greater Charleston area over its years of operation. The technicians at Rooter-Man have learned what to expect in terms of service calls following a large storm, and with Hurricane Ian passing through just weeks ago, company president Nelson Huggins warns local residents and business owners that the rain and wind themselves as well as post-storm cleanup activities can place great stress on plumbing systems. Rooter-Man’s experts are available to help mitigate and repair damage to plumbing infrastructure.


With Hurricane Ian in the past, homeowners and commercial property owners in and around Charleston, South Carolina are still cleaning up and repairing damage to buildings, landscaping, and other infrastructure. While many people assume that plumbing systems are safe from storm damage because they are buried below ground, the truth is that post-storm cleanup activities often strain plumbing, sewage, and storm drain infrastructure to their breaking points. Particularly in the Lowcountry, where temperatures rarely drop below freezing and water pipes are buried relatively close to the surface, infrastructure can easily be damaged by falling trees, flooding, erosion, and other side effects of a hurricane.

Obviously, the storm drains along roads and in parking lots are a critical feature in funneling floodwaters back to the ocean after a hurricane. The enormous amount of debris carried in those floodwaters, however, often clogs the pipes, preventing water from draining from paved areas and the landscaping and buildings near them. The technicians at Rooter-Man are always ready for increased calls for pipe jetting, an advanced method for quickly breaking up large clogs and getting water flowing again.

While it is typically a municipality’s responsibility to have a local plumbing service clear public infrastructure, commercial and industrial property owners can also face drainage issues that impact business. A very common problem is clogging of storm drains in truck bays, flooding bays and preventing trucks from accessing the building. Regular inspection of storm drains can help ensure that the plumbing infrastructure is ready to deal with the increased debris that is rinsed down those drains following severe weather.

Removal of fallen and damaged trees is a very common post-storm cleanup activity, and one that can also cause damage to plumbing and other underground utilities. Felling a dead or dying tree in an area where pipes are near the surface of the ground poses a severe hazard and can easily crack the pipes, leading to leaking, property damage, and expensive repairs. Gas lines are also vulnerable to damage during tree removal activities. Locating lines before removing trees can help avoid this damage.

Property owners in and around Charleston, South Carolina, including Mount Pleasant, Summerville, and Johns Island, can get assistance with all of their plumbing needs, including post-storm damage to pipes and drains, by contacting Rooter-Man of SC at 843-402-7799. The company’s website is www.rootermansc.com, and highly trained technicians are ready to respond for garbage disposal, plumbing, leak detection, and other services.