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New Shop Foreman At Rooter-Man SC Has Deep Roots With Company


Rooter-Man of South Carolina is proud to announce the hiring of a new shop foreman. Although the role is new for Tyler Walker, he is not a stranger to the company. Tyler has years of history working at Rooter-Man and brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the business’s policies, procedures, and equipment that will prove valuable as he supports plumbers and their assistants in the field. The Rooter-Man team, already familiar with Tyler, is excited to work with him in his new role, which includes supervision of equipment and parts as well as various customer relationship and business development topics.



As a locally owned and operated business, Rooter-Man of South Carolina highly values the advantages that come with employing and training young people as they enter the workforce. The company’s new shop foreman, Tyler Walker, is a great example of the way this type of investment in the future yields rewards by way of capable, knowledgeable managers who understand Rooter-Man’s operations and priorities.

Tyler Walker worked at Rooter-Man for two years while beginning his college studies, assisting plumbers in the field with pipe inspection and drain cleaning in Charleston, SC and learning the ins and outs of the trade. Tyler recently completed his college education at Clemson University and has moved back to the Charleston area with an eagerness to use his new business degree to its full potential. Rooter-Man of SC was happy to welcome Tyler back in a new role, as the full-time shop foreman in charge of equipment, parts, and managing critical relationships with the vendors that supply them.

As shop foreman, Tyler’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the plumbers and teams that go out to serve customers have all the supplies they need to provide the top notch service that Rooter-Man has been known for over many years. As someone who spent years in the field himself and knows the team, Tyler is a great choice as the coordinator responsible for keeping parts in stock in adequate numbers, making sure the correct equipment is available for projects, and communicating with plumbers about their needs.

Desiring to make full use of Tyler’s business education, Rooter-Man of SC also looks forward to including Tyler in various business development, marketing, and customer relationship initiatives. The combination of personal experience at Rooter-Man and a high quality business education from one of the state’s leading universities promise to make Tyler a valuable asset for Rooter-Man, and Nelson Huggins, the company’s president, looks forward to having Tyler’s help taking Rooter-Man into the future.

One of Nelson Huggins’ passions is welcoming young people into the trades, introducing them to the many opportunities that await them there, and training them to become the next generation’s leaders in the industry. As more young people like Tyler learn about the stability and competitive wages available in plumbing and the other trades, the industry becomes stronger and guarantees itself a brighter future–as well as promising local customers better service than ever before.