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National Hug A Plumber Day Recognizes Vital Service


On April 25, companies and professionals in the plumbing industry will note National Hug a Plumber Day. This annual observance is a rather humorous way to recognize the important and often extremely time-sensitive work that plumbers do to keep customers safe. Calling a plumber for help is often prompted by an urgent situation that threatens the health and safety of a home or place of business, and when those professionals are able to prevent disaster, a hug may seem like the most appropriate expression of gratitude. Rooter-Man SC is available for plumbing service calls, both emergency and otherwise, in the greater Charleston area.


National Hug a Plumber Day was instituted as a way to recognize the work of the plumbing industry in a humorous, unique way. The technicians and support staff at Rooter-Man SC, headquartered in the greater Charleston area, are familiar with the great sense of relief that plumbing clients often feel when they are able to help them resolve a drain clog or provide leak detection in Charleston, SC that allows them to avoid a plumbing emergency.

With two other plumbing observances in March as well as National Hug a Plumber Day on April 25, spring is a great time to show appreciation to plumbing professionals. Heavy rainstorms in spring and early summer put pressure on buried pipes through soil erosion, and increased tree root growth can lead to penetration of pipes. As families anticipate going on vacation and being away from home for extended periods of time after the school year ends, it is also an ideal time to have plumbing systems inspected to ensure that they will still be in good condition when they return home.

While Rooter-Man SC highly recommends regular inspections of sewer and clean water pipes, the reality is that many of the calls the company receives are urgent requests for service due to a plumbing emergency. Warning signs such as a water-saturated front lawn, sudden decrease in water pressure, and obvious drain clogs prompt a homeowner or commercial property manager to find a skilled plumbing service with an established reputation as quickly as possible. The Rooter-Man SC fleet is prepared to respond to these requests throughout the Lowcountry, resolving plumbing disasters and bringing relief to property owners.

The theme of National Hug a Plumber Day is the positive personal relationships that develop between property owners and plumbing professionals, which can only develop when there is a sense of trust that a plumbing company will provide effective, dependable repairs and installation at a fair price. Rooter-Man SC is very proud of its history serving clients in and around Charleston, South Carolina, and the professionals that head into the field every day always look forward to meeting new customers in the area. Whether they are installing a waste disposal system, assessing a clogged bathtub drain, or working to detect a pipe leak as quickly as possible, the Rooter-Man SC team provides excellent service on every job.