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Kitchen Drain Clogs Indicate Serious Problems


With the coming of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, some homes experience higher than normal volume of water use. The increased amounts of food scraps and debris that get rinsed down the drains during these times put pressure on plumbing systems, and if there are already problems hidden from view within the pipes, disaster can quickly ensue. Rooter-Man SC encourages local homeowners who plan to host family members and friends over the holidays to have their plumbing systems inspected first, thus avoiding potential emergencies at a particularly inconvenient time and saving money by avoiding the need for repairs.


Rooter-Man SC is well aware of the increase in plumbing emergencies that tend to occur during the November and December holiday season. As a provider of a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, Rooter-Man SC provides leak detection, clog removal, and garbage disposal installation in Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding regions.

The major reason for the higher volume of emergency plumbing service requests during the holidays is the increased pressure on certain homes’ systems. While some homes are left empty during the holidays as families travel, other homes host visitors, experience more shower/toilet use, and cook more food in the kitchen than normal. If there are any underlying plumbing issues that have not been detected and addressed, these additional activities can be enough to create a serious plumbing emergency and bring the home to a sudden halt.

A common cause of such an emergency is a tree root invasion of drain pipes outside the home. Even if roots have made their way through seams into a pipe much earlier during the spring and summer growing season, a sizable clog may not form until large quantities of debris are rinsed down the kitchen sink during holiday entertaining.

Another common issue is the kitchen sink’s garbage disposal unit being unable to withstand the high volume of debris generated by cooking Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Having extra hands in the kitchen may be helpful for getting food on the table, but if visitors are unfamiliar with the guidelines for safe, effective use of a garbage disposal, they may send bones, coffee grounds, and other destructive types of debris down the drain and cause damage.

Rooter-Man SC advises homeowners to have their plumbing systems and appliances inspected by expert plumbers before company arrives and before the kitchen is used for higher than normal food preparation activities. With drain pipes cleared, bathroom fixtures inspected, and a new garbage disposal installed if necessary, homeowners can be confident in their ability to entertain successfully without risking plumbing disasters and associated home damage.

Local residents in Charleston and the surrounding area can request a visit to have their plumbing system inspected through the company’s website, www.rootermansc.com. Rooter-Man SC also provides service for commercial and retail businesses in the Lowcountry, ranging from repair/replacement of plumbing fixtures to quick, accurate leak detection.