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Homeowners Can Prevent Damage To Garbage Disposals


In servicing garbage disposals, kitchen/bathroom sinks, toilets, and other plumbing appliances in homes throughout the greater Charleston, South Carolina area, Rooter-Man SC has become well acquainted with some of the most common mistakes on the part of homeowners that cause damage to these pieces of equipment. By providing some do’s and don’ts related to kitchen sink garbage disposal use, Rooter-Man SC hopes to help local residents preserve their appliances for the long term and gain the maximum benefit from them. For quick, expert repair and garbage disposal installation, Charleston residents can call 843-402-7799.



By visiting multiple homes in the Charleston, SC region every day over the course of many years, the Rooter-Man SC team has learned some of the most common uses and misuses of home plumbing appliances on the part of homeowners. While the technicians of Rooter-Man SC are always happy to respond to home plumbing emergencies and provide quick diagnosis and repairs, they also desire to pass on tips gained from their professional experience that can help homeowners avoid damaging their equipment and keep it running properly for a longer life of service.

Garbage disposals, while one of the hardest-working appliances in the kitchen, are also one of the most misused. Perhaps because the disposal is out of sight below the kitchen sink and has a powerful sound when engaged, it is easy to assume that it is “invincible” and can handle anything that is rinsed down the sink. However, certain items and substances quickly wear out blades and corrode surfaces and should never be put down the disposal.

Non-organic substances like plastic, wood, or certainly metal should never be rinsed down the sink or sent through the disposal unit. Even organic substances that are unusually hard, like chicken bones or eggshells, should go in the trash rather than the disposal. One common mistake homeowners make is using drain cleaner to clear a clogged or slow drain with an attached garbage disposal. Instead of using a drain cleaner, the owner should use a specially designed jam wrench (available at hardware stores) to clear simple clogs. For larger issues or to replace a malfunctioning garbage disposal, professional plumbing service is needed.

Another very common reason for garbage disposals wearing out too quickly is not using enough water during disposal. Water should be running before, during, and after rinsing food through the disposal, in order to move organic matter through the blades more quickly and to ensure that no food is left on the blades afterwards. Keeping the disposal clean and efficient in this way will minimize corrosion and extend its life.

When it is clear that a garbage disposal is no longer functional and needs to be replaced, it is best to have a professional plumbing service recommend and install a new unit. Your plumber can suggest the best models for your kitchen and level of use, and can make sure it is installed correctly for long-term success. If a disposal is not well sealed, connected to drain pipes correctly, or otherwise improperly installed, you could experience leaks and other issues when using it, not to mention a shortened life of service and the need to purchase a new unit before long. Rooter-Man SC is available to help Charleston area homeowners with these and other home plumbing needs.