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Holiday Gatherings Strain Compromised Plumbing Systems


While November and December bring opportunities for numerous holiday gatherings, those events are frequently the triggers for plumbing emergencies. Rooter-Man of South Carolina sees higher numbers of urgent plumbing service calls during the last two months of the year, mainly due to plumbing systems breaking down under the pressure of increased use. In most cases, these emergencies arise when plumbing is already compromised and the increase in food preparation and restroom use in a home or business pushes the system past its limits. Having plumbing inspected before the holidays is a great way to avoid these disasters.


Rooter-Man of South Carolina places a high priority on preventive maintenance, and there is no time of the year in which it is more critical than during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. It is very common for homes and businesses to have plumbing systems that are compromised to some degree, whether that be in the form of slow draining sinks and tubs, partially clogged sewage pipes, or garbage disposal units that are no longer effective in completely grinding up food waste before allowing it into the plumbing system.

These issues may be only a slight inconvenience or may be barely noticeable in normal circumstances, but when a family gathering, office party, or other special event greatly increases the use of a building’s plumbing system, the added pressure can be too much for the system and lead to a plumbing emergency. From the property owner’s perspective, this is the worst possible time for plumbing to give out, and preventive maintenance helps them ensure that their infrastructure is ready for them to host large groups of people without risking clogs, pipe cracks, or interior flooding.

According to Nelson Huggins, the president of Rooter-Man of SC, most holiday-related plumbing disasters fall into two main categories. The first is the increased use of residential properties’ restrooms during parties and while housing guests. A slow draining sink or shower or a toilet with partially clogged pipes may be able to get by during normal use, but with double or triple the volume of water and waste, the likelihood of a complete clog is much higher.

The second category of plumbing trouble is the heavy use of the kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Particularly if those preparing food in the kitchen are not careful about what they send down the kitchen sink drains, a clog can quickly form and cause water to back up in the sink. When making a large amount of food at one time, it is best to discard food scraps in the trash to avoid overloading the garbage disposal and drain pipes.

Rooter-Man of SC is a plumber in Charleston that locals have learned to trust all year round, and the company makes it a priority to be available to help during the holiday season if plumbing systems break down due to increased use. However, by having systems inspected and cleaned early, Lowcountry residents can give themselves the best chance for enjoyable family gatherings that are free from plumbing emergencies.