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Commercial Drain Systems Demand Inspections


Rooter-Man of SC, serving the area around Charleston, South Carolina, reminds commercial property managers of the importance of having floor drain systems inspected on a regular basis. In serving commercial customers in the region, Rooter-Man’s technicians frequently find that these systems are neglected, leading to reduced functionality, costly repairs, and potentially unsafe environments for employees and guests. Requesting an inspection of floor drains and other plumbing infrastructure by Rooter-Man is easy and convenient, and can prevent a future catastrophe caused by a clog or other failure of this critical feature of a commercial property’s plumbing.


A commercial plumbing system is complex, heavily used, and essential for the safe functioning of a restaurant, retail store, or other commercial establishment. While some elements of the plumbing system may receive frequent attention and maintenance, one feature that is often neglected is the property’s floor drains. Whether they are used for the wrong purposes, accidentally covered or blocked, or simply left “dry” for too long at a time, these drains can have their functionality negatively impacted by a number of different factors. An inspection by expert plumbers is the best way to guarantee that floor drains are kept in good working order.

Perhaps the most common issue that the technicians at Rooter-Man of SC see in their commercial customers’ floor drains is buildup of materials that should not have entered the drain pipes in the first place. A basic method for preventing food scraps, leaves, sticks, trash, and other debris from clogging floor drain pipes is to install covers on all drains. A professional plumber can provide guidance on the best drain covers for each commercial context.

Most importantly, however, employees that work in the areas should be aware of protocols for using floor drains. Trash should be swept up and discarded properly rather than simply rinsed down floor drains, where it tends to build up and eventually form a clog that causes waste water to back up into the property’s work area. If the clogged drain affects areas where the public is served, there can be a serious risk to the health and safety of visitors and customers.

On the other side of the spectrum, a floor drain system that dries out will allow sewer gas–emissions caused by the decay of waste inside the sewer plumbing–to back up into the building and endanger the health of employees and guests. Your plumber can advise you on the best way to avoid this dangerous situation.

The Rooter-Man of SC team has additional measures at its disposal that can help commercial property managers keep their floor drains clean. Additives such as Bio-Clean can help discourage the buildup of organic materials and grease inside drain pipes, a particularly helpful step when floor drains are located in restaurant cooking areas and inevitably experience these materials being rinsed down them. For other tips on keeping floor drains clean and to schedule an inspection of a commercial plumbing system, property managers can contact Rooter-Man of SC at 843-402-7799.