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Annual Plumbing Inspections Save Money


As the calendar year 2024 begins, it is an ideal time for residential homeowners and commercial property managers alike to consider annual inspections of their plumbing infrastructure. It is important to have the pipes, appliances, and fixtures in a building inspected every year by professional plumbers with advanced equipment in order to make sure there are no invisible problems. By having these problems identified and corrected before there are more obvious warning signs, building owners can save potentially thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and subsequent damage mitigation. Rooter-Man of South Carolina is available for routine inspections throughout the Lowcountry region.


Rooter-Man of South Carolina takes every opportunity to remind its residential and commercial customers in the greater Charleston, SC region of the importance of routine plumbing inspections. The organization’s president, Nelson Huggins, advises an annual appointment to have a professional plumber thoroughly check all parts of the system to identify any areas of concern. These can range from undetected leaks in pipes or fixtures that are wasting water and money on a monthly basis to parts of the system that are under great strain and threaten to cause a plumbing emergency in the near future.

Water heaters, garbage disposals, sump pumps, and other plumbing appliances tend to be ignored by homeowners until a serious problem demands attention. Because a failure of one of these units can be catastrophic, it is much more advantageous to have them inspected by expert plumbers on a yearly basis to assess their integrity and performance. Replacing a water heater or replacing worn parts before the unit fails can save many thousands of dollars and avoid significant damage to the home.

With older pipes made from inferior materials, and with tree roots making seasonal efforts to reach the water inside those pipes, property owners must be aware of the potential for environmental factors to negatively affect the pipes underneath their landscaping. When detected early through the use of video and photography equipment, plumbers can mitigate the damage that tree roots and soil erosion cause to pipes, preventing a large-scale pipe break that costs much more to repair and can cause far more disruption to the property.

For commercial properties, it is essential for both the safety of the public and for the sake of reputation to ensure the quality of their plumbing systems on a regular basis. An expert plumbing service uses advanced equipment to inspect and clear sewer lines that may be partially clogged, avoiding a complete blockage. Many properties also need to have their storm drain systems cleared, particularly in the Lowcountry region where frequent hurricanes and flooding tend to wash large amounts of debris into these systems.

Area residents and property managers can quickly and conveniently schedule an annual appointment with Rooter-Man of South Carolina through their website, www.rootermansc.com. Rooter-Man also offers quick, courteous emergency plumbing services and installation of new plumbing equipment, including water heaters, sump pumps, garbage disposal, and fixtures.