Don’t Flush

D7CEB14DWe are in the business of unclogging pipes. Much of the clogs we find can be prevented. There is a list of items that should never be flushed especially if you are living in an older home with cast iron pipes.

Here is a list of some non flushable items: paper towels, baby wipes (even if they say flushable), rags, sanitary products, disposable toilet brushes, anything plastic, dental floss, dental picks, cooking oil, fats, grease, cat litter, and aquarium gravel.

This short list is an example for a few things that always seem to cause problems. Please note that even if some of the above items say that they are flushable, it is best to put them in the trash can.

Sometimes you make think the item flushed with no problem but is gets stuck and collects paper and waste over time creating a clog that only a professional and remove.

Some items can not only clog a line but they can harm the environment. These are items like oil, grease and medications. these items can contaminate the water in the treatment plant.  For more information on how to safely dispose of medications you can visit

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